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Freelancer. Data geek. Gardener. Baker. Spaniel lover. Georgian. MA International Commerce and Policy.
The Georgia National Fair Midway 2007 by Andy Middleton Photography CC
“Georgia National Fair” by Andy Middleton Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Forty thousand bikers descended on Perry, Georgia — my hometown, population 20,624.¹ It was Tuesday, August 10, 2022. As the National Bikers Rally kicked off at the Georgia National Fairgrounds, the ICU at Taylor Regional Hospital — a mere 20 miles away — hit saturation.² Within days, every hospital within a forty-mile radius, including Navicent Health, Coliseum Medical Center, and Houston Medical Center, reported severe ER overcrowding. By the end of the week, ICU/CUU and ER Diversions were the norms as the delta variant slammed into middle Georgia like an out-of-control freight train.

Perry is Republican country. The infamous Trump…

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

Denim rasped against my fingertips like sandpaper stapled to a woodblock. My feet flew across the cast-iron treadle. Right foot, left, the needle blurred into a silver line as I guided the fabric through the sewing machine. It punched through the layers, drawing a line of golden stitches up the inside seam. Not ten minutes before, I spread the freshly ironed pants out on a workbench and painstakingly drew a line exactly one-eighth of an inch from the seam. Next to the pockets, this was the most visible element on the pants. It had to be perfect.

“Focus on the…

Fully clickable footnotes on Medium are wonderful things. Here’s a working example.

Maybe I’m a little too proud of these, but they’re just so pretty. Plus, they stay out of…

Dot density map of the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia
Where Georgians live and vote. Author provided image.

Georgia Twitter erupted this Sunday when Donald Trump tweeted that he’s heading down to Georgia on January 4, 2021, for a rally in Dalton. When the president of the United States holds a political rally in a town of 33,000 people, he’s either lost or desperate. Considering that his lawsuits all look about like a house of cards after a category five hurricane, my money’s on desperate.

For Senators Loeffler and Perdue, sharing a stage with Trump the day before the election is also one heck of a risk. Earlier this month, they hosted his only post-election rally to-date in…

Georgia Senate Runoffs are still a giant question mark even with record-breaking turnout.
Author provided image.

When Georgia polls opened on December 14, every political rubbernecker in the country held their breath. Conventional wisdom enforced by sixty-four years of Georgia runoffs suggested a low turnout election. High propensity voters — the folks who vote rain or shine in every election — would choose Georgia’s senators. In Georgia, these voters are older whites and currently trend Republican.

Then Richmond County shattered expectations along with the single-day early voting record they set during the November 2020 election. At 57.7% black, Richmond County, better known as Augusta, Georgia, is a minority-majority city. In November 2020, Biden won it with…

“David Perdue” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

When Ronna McDaniel opened her mouth at a rally for Georgia’s Republican senate candidates, David Perdue magically gained 11,902 votes. That’s about the same as Biden’s recertified winning margin here in Georgia. Perdue now finds himself in a quandary. By lying about his performance, McDaniel and other Republican surrogates are likely inflating expectations ahead of the runoff.

At first glance, this is not a significant problem. In the General Election, Perdue won 88,098 votes more than Jon Ossoff. However, given the 2020 General Election’s tight margins, we all expect the January senate runoffs will be squeakers. …

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Georgia Republicans have officially gone around the bend or, as my granny used to say, “stark raving mad.” A month ago, Emperor Trump was running buck naked down Pennsylvania Avenue while his sycophants raved about his “amazing” winning threads on Fox News. Now, rather than do the decent thing and throw a blanket over the fool, Georgia Republicans are staging their own metaphorical strip show.

As I write this, the great state of Georgia is down to its last four mostly sane senior Republican elected officials — Governor Kemp, Lieutenant Governor Duncan, Secretary of State Raffensberger, and Attorney General Carr…

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